Bonus Terms

Today you can seldom see a website for online casino who do not offer match; bonuses or others call it the first' deposit, they are free money give away in layman's term. It is hardly believe that such big bonuses are offered free to players, as these casinos online are profit business, they actually gaining from you without you knowing it. There is such thing as 'free' when you mean free bonuses.

The money that is supposed to be given free is destined to spend in vetting as you progressed on the game you may find it in your account, I mean the money but you cannot actually get it or withdraw it to your personal account not unless you use that free match bonuses in betting. The free cash in your account should be used for wagering Let us explain further how it works:

The significance of hold in the casino language

When you come to any online site for casinos, you might be excited with the big bonuses you get just by signing up, but what makes your excitement fall down is that, you cannot withdraw the money not unless you win. In order to win you must play. By then you will be using your bonuses so that you can play and before you knew it, you are already spending your own money out of your own pocket. Where are the bonuses? They are gone because you lose in the game.

If you are the website owner, this could mean profit. But to player can you say that you have the bonus, Of course not. Do not be deceived by those bonuses. It is just a simple mathematics and vague statistical points of view. In the casino language the term use is Hold. Meaning the money is just there attracting but in reality you cannot hold it, you just see it. Though as a single player you cannot notice that the online casino owner is basically getting cash on you because of the little amount it gets from your pocket. But how many players are there in a website?

There are thousands of players out there and if they get about $0.50 cents percentage in you, you multiply it by hundreds and thousands that's how big amount the casino online is actually profiting from new members alone every single day.

House Edge

Of course this is not a secret after all, it is a knowledge every one should know and be aware of. Though this is not an illegal act because it is part of the business strategy, as online players it is important to be wise. The online casino is more than one hundred percent to win the game over the player, and that is another profit on their part. We cannot also wonder why such game can award a very big sum of money. Well, consider also how many persons have bet and lose in a game.

It is known also that every casino house has its own edge, but the good news is that, we can be certain that we could win over that edge, though the chance is very little. That's the reason why it is called gamble. And we still play for that little chance. So the analogy is simple, the more an online casino sites gather players to play' the more they can profit. That's what bonuses are for to gather people to play so that they can profit from players