We can say that the casino games played online are basically new, which have just started in a matte of 10 years. From its very beginning to its very tragic legal matters recently, were just examples of how online casino influenced the world of gaming.

1994 Trade Makes Casinos Online Possible

The passing of free' trade zone and processing in 1994 was the biggest high lights for the birth of online casino. The legislation and the free' trade zone were amongst the first to govern online casinos and up to now. Just after a year, companies who are aggressive in making money online created a system for transferring money online.

1996 Real Money are being Accepted in online Casinos

It was then that the first fund transaction online was created and used. In October 1996 the online casinos made its first time real money bet in the internet, and tis had eventually became the biggest threat in onsite casinos.

1998 The Progressive slots were introduced

It was in the year 1998 that the progressive slots were born and the slots machines become were spinning too vividly with excited online players. The out numbered online players of this popular game had just got even out numbered when jackpots lured millions of online players. At this time, because of too much people being lured with this crazy online game, the act to illegalized online casino was passed out in a decree, but due to lack of evidence the act was dishonored and rejected.

1999 Casinos Online were Multi-played

It was in 1999 that a multiplayer was created. This software was created for the purpose of entertaining online players only. With the coming of multi-played scheme, players can now share tables and talk to fellow players in a window like chatting room.

2001 The Peak of Progressive Jackpot

The 2001 is history in the world of online casino because that year, the first winner for $500,000.00 was announced, and at that time that was the biggest jackpot ever won! Again with the advent of growing jackpot, another act to illegalize the online casino were pushed, but the statement were fact less so again it was rejected.

2002 A millionaire was created

Again exciting news when one player finally made it, taking home $1,500,000.00. The first millionaire ever created in online casino.

2003 The Birth of eCogra and illegal gambling

The eCogra regulation was created because illegal gambling are rampantly surfing the internet. The winning of 1.5 million dollar has made illegal sites to exists, and this made it a confusing world of online casinos. The guidelines of regulated by eCogra was to protect legal onlie casino businesses.

Today the quest still continues as people seek to take home real big amount of cash. Casinos online are still giving great and exciting offers, and large sum of jackpot and on top of this big prizes, there were also free bonuses and free games online.