Vegas Bingo Casino

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Bingo is just a table game. However in Las Vegas through the site, Bingo is broken out as a ROOM Game!


The bingo prizes vary from one casino to the other. You can check out the latest deals at . The prizes also vary from one session to the other according to what has been agreed upon and not forgetting the governing rules and regulations. For the bingo gaming, Texas Station is the headquarters for all the Station Casinos. Generally, Boyd’s Gaming and Station Casino’s have linked progressives for their players at the Bingo Halls. For a bingo player your bingo winning chances for linked progressives are no worse at some other Stationed properties. It is a fact that some linked progressives may extremely exceed even up to a figure like $50,000.

The Vegas Bingo Rooms has a unique bonus option. Considering that you are familiar with the game of Bingo, at Vegas Bingo Rooms for example when a Cash ball is initially pulled at 3PM session with G58 then you luckily bingo with G58, your jackpot can range from few hundred dollars to over ten thousand dollars. If there is no particular player bingo according to the terms, i.e. G58 at 3 PM, the reward if in monetary terms or in any form, is passed on to the next 3 PM session. This means that the next 3 PM session can only occur the following day.

Various sessions have different Cashball amounts terms and depend on the laid agreement. Some few casinos like Silver Nugget have set their Cashball amounts. Instead of the term Cashball, Sam’s Town, Riviera and While Plaza prefer using Hotball. On the other hand Poker Palace, Silver Nugget and Eldorado bingo players use Moneyball instead of Cashball.

Non-smoking and smoking Bingo Room

The aspect of smoking is at times a bother to either smoking or non-smoking people. At casinos or even other public venues a smoker may sit close to a non-smoker without confrontations. At some venues, the two entities are separated. For example at Sun Coast with a typical Las Vegas Bingo Hall, there is a definite configuration that has set different tables for smokers together and for the non-smokers a distance from each other. At Red Rock a glass wall completely separates the smoking bingo players from the non-smoking players. There are a few bingo rooms that only entertain non-smoking players only. A good example is the newer Riviera and Aliante Vegas bingo rooms.

Electronic Bingo

In Las Vegas every kind of bingo player is taken into consideration. Some bingo players are irritated by the beeping sounds. If you are this kind of player, then Fiesta Henderson would be the precise bingo room for you. This bingo room uses paper and both stationary and portable electronic units. In addition almost every Bingo Room in Vegas City uses these stationary and portable units and papers.